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The Story

Following a disastrous day at the hospital, intern Kaylee parties with her glamourous friends to drown her sorrows. She thinks she has met Mr Right, (Jordan) and goes back to his luxurious hotel. Little does she realise that her friends were drugged and sold by Jordan’s associate while she was enjoying a night of bliss. The next morning, Kaylee is horrified when she discovers Jordan’s computer displaying the night’s catch of young girls. She’s then drugged and shipped off to Jordan’s soundproof basement to keep her quiet. After forging a weapon from a cymbal, she stabs Jordan and breaks free.

Vince and Mel head up the criminals who are taking young women and children. They have been grooming Bree and Debbi for a few months and are ready to seize the opportunity when it presents. These predators find it easy to coerce Debbi as she is blinded by the glitz and glamour of free drugs and expensive clothes. Streetwise Bree is repulsed by the idea and tries to run. She accepts her fate when Vince threatens her family which includes capturing her little brother. Bree agrees to one 'date’.

Bree’s parents report the abduction to the police... Lynn pleads with Ayesha for help, who is over-run by the demands of a busy Police Station; they almost come to blows. Sargent Marley empowers Ayesha to chase down the criminals and she acts quickly to reconcile differences with Lynn. Police do find Bree before she is harmed but her friend Debs is not so fortunate.

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The Issue

It may surprise many people to learn that slavery today is more prevalent than at any time in modern history (Skinner 2008). There are approximately 45.8 million slaves in the world today, 75% – 80% of whom are being trafficked and enslaved for sex.

Millions of people, predominantly children and young women, are being held captive by traffickers across the world with 1.2 million children alone being trafficked every year. According to UNICEF, every two minutes a child is being prepared for exploitation.

Although most people associate the term 'human trafficking' with countries like Romania, China, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Thailand, Mexico and Nigeria, there have been approximately 100,000 to 150,000 sex slaves in the United States since 2001. Even in Australia, it is estimated that over 4,300 people are living in modern day slavery.

The Vision

Each year, 1.2 million women and children will be taken. There are over twenty ways these victims become enslaved. This fictional dramatic Film is about young women and children who fight back. They fight for the basic human right of freedom for all.

Get Free entertains, educates and empowers people to act.

In Get Free Movie you will not only explore the twenty ways people become enslaved; exposing the lies and deceptions that the perpetrators use, but Get Free takes an innovative approach, empowering victims through an active, passionate female protagonist.

Our goal is that we inspire people to act, to speak up against injustice, and connect prisoners with those that can help them GET FREE!

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Show Updates


Kaylee Kane (25) - Character

Kaylee Kane (Kaitlyn Boyé – Best Female Filmmaker 2019, 2018, with Janelle McMenamin, Best Director, Best Editor 2018 at Lights! Canberra! Action! and winner – Jury Prize - Best Young Actress - Top Shorts Film Festival) is smart, innocent and insecure. A smalltown girl, training to be a surgeon, her world falls apart when she fails her final assessment. If only she had trusted her instincts and resisted the urge on that one wild night that changed her life forever.

Jordan Nobel (30) - Character

Jordan’s (Shane Emmett – Nine Perfect Strangers and Total Control) fiancée was killed by traffickers, then he became trapped by their schemes. Jordan falls in love with Kaylee, but when she finds out he captured her friends, he abducts her.

Vince Soro (25) - Character

Vince Soro (Daniel Widdowson – Winner of Best Supporting actor in Melbourne Indie Film Awards 2020) is a criminal on the rise. He’s canny, charming and ruthless, with an insatiable lust for power.

Detective Ayesha Abadi (30) - Character

Detective Ayesha Abadi (Ana Thu Nguyen – The Spy Who Never Dies and Suka) is a tough, no-nonsense cop with a sassy swagger. Ayesha was trafficked as a child and rescued from the streets by Sargent Marley. After losing her temper with Lynn Peebles, she is given free reign to hunt down the criminals.

Bree Peebles (16) - Character

Bree Peebles (Poppy Derrington in her breakout role) lives two lives: An innocent young girl at home, a reflection of her mother - an alternative rock chick with her friends. Bree is wise beyond her years; is a natural influencer. She yields to her captors when her little brother is threatened.

Sargent Marley (55) - Character

Sargent Marley (Paul Mailath – Underbelly, Deadly Women) grew up in desperate poverty. He knows suffering, so when he found Ayesha on the street and heard her story, his heart broke. He has a busy precinct to run, but when Ayesha needs help, he is always there.

Trent Peebles (40) - Character

Trent Peebles (Yannick Lawrey) is reserved and nervous, estranged from his wife, an unlikely hero. When the police seem inactive in the search for his abducted daughter, he rises beyond himself to find her.

Lynn Peebles (40) - Character

Lynn Peebles (Jennifer Corren – Quarantine Leap) is a strong successful businesswoman. Frustrated by Trent’s passive nature, she attempts to motivate him by a trial separation. Bree’s abduction draws them together as they try and track her down.

Mel (21) - Character

Mel, (Jessica Marchi – 2021 Winner Miss Earth Air) a seductress to men, women and children, a huge asset to the underworld. Mel finds the prey, lures them into a trap for Vince to close, the perfect offsider. Mel’s heart hardens as Get Free progresses, she has her sights on becoming the next criminal boss.

Debbi (16) - Character

Debbi aka Debs (Kelly McRae) is a party girl, she loves life to the full and doesn’t want to miss out on anything. She loves clothes, jewellery and fast cars and she is easily influenced. When Vince and Mel show interest in her she is quick to accept their offers. She is quite naïve and gets caught up in the trap that has been set for her.

The Team

Daniel Widdowson - Director

Dr Daniel Widdowson is an Australian of the Year finalist, Australian Playwright finalist, recipient of Best Director at the Florence Film Awards. With 34 Directing credits including Equivocal Redemption and Trafficked to Australia he was a great addition to the team.

Amanda Giles - Executive Producer

Amanda has been a student of investing over the past twelve years studying in Australia and New Zealand. When confronted with the fact that over 55 million people are currently living in slavery, she was compelled to do something about this. Amanda has worked as freelance camera operator, first assistant director, producer and co-producer on a diverse range of projects, live events and conferences for over twenty-five years.

Mason Grady - Director Of Photography/Colourist

Mason Grady is an Australian cinematographer, colourist and visual effects artist, starting in the backyard, like most filmmakers. A cinematographer on commercials, web series and short films, with some of the short films going on to win awards at various local and international film festivals. Most recently he has worked on several Feature Films including Get Free and Remnant as cinematographer, visual effects and colourist. With a background in engineering, Mason has built many custom camera, lighting and visual effects rigs.

Craig GIles - Producer/Writer

Craig is the writer of the features Rain on my Wedding Day, POW Princess and Nursing Home Loyalty Cards wrote and produced the Get Free feature as a prequel to the 50-part binge television series Get Free. Craig wrote and produced 26 episodes of a music show called Amplifier, which he filmed in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, and developed numerous unscripted television projects.

Mark Sadka - Composer

Mark is widely known for his skills in composition, acting, and sound engineering. After working for over ten years under the careful tutelage of the legendary Hans Zimmer, Mark moved to Australia and set up his own business. Mark is widely recognized for his creative musical skills, producing high quality work efficiently and quickly.

Tina Wake - Costumes/Props

Tina studied Fashion Design at East Sydney Tech then went on to work for Supre, then designer for the surf brand Aloha.  Tina has worked on many film and television projects on props, art direction and costuming. Tina developed numerous fashion labels prior to working in film. Tina was head of costumes and wigs for the musical 'Voyage to Arcturus.' 

Tina is not only a Fashion Designer, she is also a screenwriter and journalist. She is the queen of original ideas and getting things happening.

In 2017, Tina was one of Screen Producer Australia’s ‘Ones to Watch’ with her Children’s English Teaching language TV series “Flower Fibi and Friends”.

Tina is an author of 5 novels and has been a freelance screenwriter/producer/director since 2012. She has written over 50 features, eight TV pilots (including series bibles), 50 shorts and five short comedy web series across multiple genres. Two of Tina’s original screenplays have been optioned and a third recently wrapped filming and is now in post-production.

Caroline Gey - Makeup, Hair and Prosthetics

With over twenty credits to her name as a make-up artist and hair stylist, Caroline’s portfolio speaks for itself. Head makeup artist on feature films Get Free and Remnant, and special prosthetics on the film Love and Triangles, highlight’s Caroline’s versatility and professionalism. Outside of film production, Caroline teaches and manages for Contour College on the Central Coast. Carline also specialises in special effects and prosthetics.

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"Get Free" is more than just a movie; it's a call to action, a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for transformation. This riveting cinematic masterpiece delves deep into the harrowing reality of human trafficking, shining a spotlight on the lives shattered and the dreams stolen. The film tells the stories of survivors, their resilience, and their journeys toward reclaiming their lives. 

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